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Anthony Ciccariello knows exactly what it is like to let himself go and be in bad physical shape. He looked at himself in the mirror and no longer recognized himself. He once was 5’10’ and weighed 210 pounds. His body fat percentage was 25 percent. Anthony had been active throughout his entire high school career. However, that changed when he went to college.

Anthony worked a lot to pay his way through college. When he got home, he would play video games until he went to bed. He got a wake up call when he looked in the mirror and was disgusted at what he saw. Anthony was only 26-years-old and knew he should be in the prime of his life. He could not even walk up the stairs without feeling breathless.

Anthony decided to hit the gym after he looked at himself. He did not feel good about himself and wanted to change. Anthony was considered skinny-fat because he did not have any muscle. At first, Anthony’s fitness journey did not go as planned. He read an article on bulking that give him misinformation.

He was 160 pounds when he started going to the gym. He went from 160 to 220, but his body fat percentage was still 20 percent. He bulked up in the wrong places. He did manage to increase his strength, but he did not like the way that he looked.

Anthony began to do more research and changed up his routine completely. He started adding cardio to his routine and followed a strict diet. He ate a lot of vegetables, fish and chicken, and he began to take supplements.

Anthony also began to run outside. He continued to lift weights five days a week while running outside. Because of Anthony’s hard work, he is 175 pounds and 8 percent body fat.

Anthony has suggestions for people who are trying to lose weight or improve their body composition. He stated that even though you want to follow a healthy diet, you should have an occasional cheat meal. Anthony had cheat meals and occasionally enjoyed a beer with his friends. However, he did not overdo it.

Anthony encourages people to stay focused, even though they may encounter setbacks on their journey. He also recommends that you surround yourself with positive people who will motivate and encourage you. Additionally, you will have to work hard for what you want.