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The Dubai Muscle Show, the Middle East’s leading international fitness and bodybuilding show, is a convergence of the top bodybuilders, fans, and businesses in the industry. The second annual event, scheduled for 8-9 December 2017, is expected to have an even larger turnout than the first, with 20,000 guests, over 200 exhibitors, 11,000 square feet of exhibition space, and over 600 inspirational and celebrity athletes.

In addition to being a spectator event and a celebration of some of the biggest names in bodybuilding, the Dubai Muscle Show also takes the time to recognize our sponsors, as well as up-and-coming talent and amateur bodybuilders. In the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) Amateur Championship that takes place alongside the Dubai Muscle Show, amateur athletes can enter to compete against one another in the categories of bodybuilding, classic bodybuilding, women’s fitness, men’s fitness, women’s body fitness, women’s bikini-fitness, men’s physique, women’s physique, mixed pair, children fitness, and classic physique. That is why, as the Managing Partner of the Dubai Muscle Show, I am so honored to announce that we have been named the “Best Amateur Sport Event of the Year” by Sport360 for the 2017 Sports Industry Awards.

This distinction is a huge honor, as it cements the success we secured last year with the first show. Starting a new venture, especially in the trade show industry, is always an enormous risk, and this award signifies that all of our hard work in making the event a success has paid off.

Additionally, the Sports Industry Awards (SPIA) is a prestigious organization to be affiliated with. Established in 2012 in the Middle East, this awards series describes itself as “the official celebration of the leaders, decision makers, organizations, facilities, and campaigns that have contributed to the development of sports in the past 12 months.”

This award would not have been possible without the help of our sponsors, exhibitors, partners, and enthusiastic attendees making the first event such a hit. It is your dedication that lead us to speculate that the next event will be doubled in size and attendance.

Check out the full list of Sports Industry Awards finalist here and keep checking back for more news and updates pertaining to the Dubai Muscle Show!