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As December 8, 2017, the official start date of the second annual Dubai Muscle Show approaches, I will be posting more updates and press releases. There are only six months to go, so now’s the time to start planning your travel arrangements. Soon, we will be announcing our official hotel partner and selling tickets. In the meantime, to give you something to get excited about, here are profiles of some of the celebrity bodybuilders from the inaugural event. Expect to see the same caliber of performers at this year’s event and some returning visitors.

  • Jay Cutler: Jay Cutler is a four-time Mr. Olympia winner and a global fitness icon. With an international presence, Mr. Cutler has been featured on the covers of fitness magazines such as Muscle and Fitness, Flex, and Muscular Development. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs his own nutrition company, Cutler Nutrition.


  • Ronnie Coleman: Ronnie Coleman is a retired professional American bodybuilder. He also participated in Mr. Olympia, winning the competition eight years in a row. Widely regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, last year marked his first public appearance in the Middle East.


  • Lazar Angelov: Lazar Angelov, of Bulgaria, started out as a professional basketball player for 10 years and spent some time in the Army before becoming a celebrity bodybuilder and personal trainer. He dedicated his life to bodybuilding in 2006 and has participated in various competitions around the world. He prides himself on never once taking steroids to develop his physique.


  • Andreia Brazier: Ms. Brazier represents one of the few female celebrity bodybuilders. Hailing from Brazil, she is a four-time WBFF Fitness Model World Champion. Active since childhood, Andreia started preparing for a career in physical training at the age of 14. As both a model and a fitness icon, she has been featured in many fitness magazines, newspapers, and television shows.


  • Jason Poston: Jason Poston, 32, is a bodybuilder and personal trainer. He has won various accolades including IFBB Men’s Physique Pro and he is a four-time Olympia Top 3 and ProSupps Athlete. He is also an inspiration to athletes everywhere living with type 1 diabetes, as he has not let the condition inhibit his career.


  • Jelena Rees: Jelena Rees, a personal trainer in Dubai, has many impressive titles to her name. She is a two-time Figure Campion, European Top 3 Fitness Model, and health and fitness advocate. She offers online coaching worldwide and free fitness classes in Ras Al Khaimah.


For more information on these athletes and other bodybuilders that have appeared at the Dubai Muscle Show, please visit the official Dubai Muscle Show website.