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As society makes technological advances, the line between work and home blurs further and further. The want of success keeps us all plugged in and looking for the next thing to put us on top. Luckily, with the development of technology came the evolution of to-do lists and time/work management techniques. Created specifically for busy business executives, the following apps aim to make your workload easier, communication better, and organization effortless.  



According to Fortune Magazine, this app is used by 84 percent of executives. CM Security provides protection of data on your mobile device which includes an “app lock” that keeps folders and files from being accessed. It can tell you if the public Wi-Fi you are using is safe, automatically deletes your web browsing data upon closing the app, helps protect against wi-fi phishing, and boosts browsing speeds. Most impressively, this app allows the user to privately browse all major search engines by keeping user identification private. The drawback? This app is only available for Android users through Google Play.



There are many different reasons why knowing a second language is beneficial in the business world. Whether it be traveling to foreign locations, meeting future partners, or chatting with new clients, our ever-growing world knowing the language of the land or each other will increase understanding, comfortability, and help forge relationships. Offering audio, video, and written lesson, Duolingo makes rapid learning fun. This app makes learning another language easier by breaking down the lessons into 5, 10, 15, or 20-minute sessions enabling it to fit any schedule.



First things first, this awesome app lets you sync to all devices, giving you access to your notes and files at all times. With Evernote, users can clip websites, snapshot and save handwritten notes, store documents, collaborate with coworkers, and turn notes into presentations. The basic version is free, but users are more than welcome to pay for the plus or premium package to unlock additional features and increase storage space.



An ironically named, productivity app carries the slogan ‘be less busy.’ Approximately 77 percent of Fortune 500 companies use this program, and in 2016, the app received a 64 percent approval rating. Slack is a messaging app that includes private chats, the ability to organize information into specific channels, and drag and drop file functionality.


The role of business executive comes with many responsibilities; don’t let outdated things like time management, email, and communication organization, and new skill learning be one of them. Just remember when looking for new apps for business use, they must balance security and usability.