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Getting healthier is something that seems to be on all of our lists. This is typically along with losing weight, building muscle, and having more energy. It’s tough to get fit by yourself. This is why we’re going to share the top five apps that will assist you in achieving your fit lifestyle with ease.


ACTIVEx is an app that provides customized workouts, Tabata-based training plans, weekly informational content, and a community of like-minded people. The developers of ACTIVEx know that not everyone has access to a plethora of fitness equipment. This is why they have many lists of short workouts available based on the equipment you personally have access to. In addition, ACTIVEx offers a community where you can connect with those like-minded individuals who share your goal of fitness. You can even schedule local meetups where you can workout together.


Sworkit is an app that gives you access to over 50 workouts that can help you achieve your individual goals. Some examples include Daily Stretch, 5 Minute Abs, and 7 Minute Workout. Users even have the option of building a customized workout. This app was designed with everyone in mind from beginners to advanced with guided workout plans that can be viewed on any mobile device. Sworkit knows that each person has different goals, which is why their workout plans are designed to help users meet specific goals


PEAR takes a unique approach by offering an audio app that keeps your hands free for your training sessions. This app offers hundreds of workouts that allow you to reach your individual goals while mixing in fun workout possibilities along the way. This app tracks your movements and provides real-time audio responses to help you stay on track. PEAR is like having a personal trainer guiding you through your workout without the expensive price tag.

Charity Miles

Part of making any change, such as having a fitter lifestyle, is acting for a cause that is bigger than yourself. With Charity Miles, you can make a difference in the lives of others in over thirty different charities across the globe. The more you move the more money that sponsors will donate to your favorite charities. That’s motivation at its best.

Zombies Run

With over 200 missions, you can become a real-life superhero in Zombies Run. This specialized app will provide you with the mood music, mission, and alert you of necessary achieves along the way. You can walk, run, or jog when using this app. As the mission progresses, you may have to speed up to get away from zombies that are chasing you. Zombies Run makes fitness fun.

Achieving a fit lifestyle doesn’t have to be a difficult solo task. By utilizing the five apps listed above you can give yourself the jumpstart you need to start being healthier. There’s no reason not to when you have a cause bigger than yourself to get you fired up to be the best you can be.